2D Character Artist
and Vtuber
For commission Status please refer to my socials

Regular Commissions

Commission TypePricing
Portrait-60 USD
Halfbody-80 USD
Fullbody-100 USD

Complicated Backgrounds may inquire extra fees up to 100 USD depending on complexityEmotes - 25 USD eachChibi - 70 USD

Special Commissions

Reference Sheet - 200 USD
Includes a fully shaded front view and flat colored backview
Additional Character shots (e.g. Portrait of expressions) can be done for additional costs

Design Commissions

Character Design - 200 USD
Various designs in allignment with the clients vision will be sketched out before the final design will be delivered
Weapon Design - TBA

Vtuber Commissions

Vtuber 2D Model - 1000 USD
Art only, I don't do the rigging
Includes simple toggles (e.g. forehead shadow, angry pulse etc)
Turnaround time is between 1-2 months
All revisions for cutting included

Vtuber Add ons

Second Hairstyle - 150 USD
Depending on lenght and complexity
Second Outfit - 500 USD
Depending on complexity
Complex Toggles inc. Hands etc - 50 USD
Depending on complexity
Mascot/Props - 50 USD
Depending on complexity
For any other requests please ask!

Vtuber Examples

Terms of Service

- All prices are an estimate and are subject to change depending on the complexity of the commission
- I work with direct references of the clients character only (except for design commissions)
- I have the freedom to decline a commission if I don't feel comfortable with it
- Before the commission is accepted I will notify the client of the price of their commission
- Invoices will be done with Paypal only
- I will send the client the sketch and afterwards they pay 50% of the commission price
- I update the client regularly
-Major revisions may inquire extra fees
- Upon finishing the commission, the client will receive the full resolution files after paying 100% of the price
- During the sketch phase I offer complete refunds, but after that period I offer only partial refunds in proportion to how much work I have done
Nothing made by Ipomo may be used in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.

Won't do

Explicit Gore
Explicit NSFW

Extra Fees

Commercial Fee - Double the commission price
Commercial use in this case is defined as wanting to use my illustration as merchandise or any other direct form of monetization. Usage of the clients commission on their stream (e.g. Vtuber Model/Design or Streaming Assets) is exempt from this and requires no extra fee.
Rush Fee - 100 USD
Your commission will be put on top of the list and finished next.


Please contact me via my twitter (@ipomo_) with the following detailsWhat kind of artwork?
Commercial Fee? yes/no
References of your character (if available)
I, (your twitter handle), have read ipomo’s terms of service thoroughly and agree with them.

For my progress please visit my Trello



Character Design

Vtuber Model